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Cocoanut Grove Survivor Interviews

NFPA Journal – Cocoanut Grove Survivors tell their stories.[YouTube video (11:46 min.)]. Quincy : National Fire Protection Association, 2012. Interviewees: Saul Davis, Ann Clark Gallagher, and Marshal Cole, survivors.

Papadopoulos M. Easton doctor recalls surviving Cocoanut Grove fire. [YouTube video (2:57 min.)]. Brockton (Mass.) : The Enterprise of Brockton Mass., 2007. Interviewee: Saul Davis.


Parcher A.  Cocoanut Grove survivor shares his story.  [YouTube video (2:08 min.)]. Lynn (Mass.) : The Daily Item of Lynn Mass., 2012. Interviewee: John Rizzo.

Presentations and Movies

NFPA Journal—Boston fire trail. [YouTube video (7:12 min.)]. Quincy (Mass.) : National Fire Protection Association, 2011. Speaker: Stephanie Schorow.

Boston the way it was, part 12-Cocoanut Grove. [YouTube video (7:10 min.)]. Boston : WGBH, 1995. Interviewees: Bill Sartorelli, Holy Cross football player; Gladys Shapiro; Anne Smythe; Joe Coppola; Thelma Marcus; Saul Davis, survivor; Daniel Weiss, survivor, George Graney, firefighter.  

“Legacy of the Cocoanut Grove nightclub fire.” [YouTube video (1 hr. 16 min.)]. Boston : WGBH Forum, 2012. Speaker: Casey Grant.



"Cocoanut Grove Fire - 70th Anniversary."  [YouTube video (2 min. 51 sec.)].  Paul Schrader.    Note: this is the 71st anniversary rather than the 70th.

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