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One of few pictures showing fire in progress.  Piedmont Street.  Courtesy of NFPA.  Copyright queries to NFPA.

Printed in 1943 "The Cocoanut Grove Night Club Fire" by Robert S. Moulton of NFPA.  Caption: "The locale of the tragedy.  The Cocoanut Grove, located on the edge of Boston's hotel and theatre district, had been converted from old buildings.  The original area of the Grove near the center of this picture had formerly been a garage and a motion picture fil exchange.  The Broadway extension, a recent addition to the night club, incorporated three small tenement buildings.  These extend above the roof of the main one-story section seen in this picture."   Courtesy of NFPA.  Copyright queries to NFPA.

Fire investigation.  Courtesy of the Trustees of the Boston Public Library/Print Department at http://www.bpl.org/.  (CC BY-NC-ND 2.0)

Press Coverage
Boston Globe, Sunday Edition: November, 29, 1942

Cocoanut Grove
Printed in 2005 "Fire in the Grove" by John C. Esposito.  Caption:  "A young Angelo Lippi, the Grove maitre d' , poses in the main dining room during better days."  Dance Floor area, pre-fire, in foreground.   Courtesy of NFPA.  Copyright queries to NFPA.

Boston City Hospital.  Courtesy of NFPA.  Copyright queries to NFPA.

Cocoanut Grove Fire 71st Anniversary Memorial and Dedication

#5 Dated 1916.  Early first floor layout for 12-14 Shawmut St. & 13 Piedmont St.  Courtesy of NFPA