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Additional Collections:

Joseph Lee Papers, 1934-1989

Correspondence, newspaper clippings, pamphlets, scrapbooks, annual reports, manuscripts, photographs, journal articles, notebooks, address books and postcards assembled and generated, 1922-1989, during Joseph Lee's political career and participation in civic activism. Materials pertain to Lee's participation in the fight to save Boston's West End from demolition in the 1950s and 1960s (includes photographs ca. 1957 of West End prior to destruction) and his investigation of Boston's Cocoanut Grove Fire in 1942.

Countway Library, Harvard University Medical School

Joseph C. Aub Papers, 1918-1974

Contains correspondence, writings, oral histories, and research data resulting from Aub's cancer, metabolism, lead, beryllium, and industrial toxicity research activities at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Collis P. Huntington Memorial Hospital. Includes autopsy results, reports, and patient records from the Cocoanut Grove Fire

Papers of William J. Brickley, 1915-1967

Contains material pertaining to Brickley's work as medical examiner, including autopsy records with reports, notes and lists of cases, and photographs. Also contains typewritten accounts of local events, such as Cocoanut Grove Fire of 1942; reprints of addresses; and memorabilia.

Bradford Cannon Papers, 1902-2003

Contains correspondence, notes, reports, memoranda, scrapbooks, and photographs from Cannon's educational and administrative activities, professional relationships, and clinical experiences as a plastic surgeon at Harvard Medical School and Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, Mass.

Timothy Leary Papers, 1911-1950

Contains professional papers of Leary, including letters from colleagues concerning Leary's work on arteriosclerosis, publications, his lecturing, giving expert testimony, Leary's retirement, and other matters. Other papers include drafts of lectures on carbon monoxide poisoning, alcoholism, and on disasters; galley of article about life-expectancy statistics; notes for seminar on the Cocoanut Grove fire in Boston and other disasters; and documents such as an autopsy report.

This collection consists of material gathered by retired firefighter Charles Kenney, Jr. from 1990-2002 in preparation for a book (unpublished) on the Cocoanut Grove nightclub fire of 1942. Among the subjects documented are Kenny’s methyl chloride theory, possible sources of responsibility for the start of the fire, and the response of the Boston Fire Department. The collection includes transcripts and cassette tapes of interviews of survivors and firefighters, newspaper and magazine clippings, maps and diagrams of the club, the Reilly Commission hearing transcript, and copies of official documents such as Boston Fire Department running cards and reports.

Harvard University Schlesinger Library

Eunice P. Howe Papers

Series III, PROFESSIONAL, 1941-1945,1965-1988 (#3.7-9.11), is arranged alphabetically and includes case notes, statements, speeches, and briefs from Howe's work as an Assistant Attorney General in Massachusetts. Much of this  material relates to the investigation of Boston's infamous Cocoanut Grove nightclub fire and subsequent trial.

Elizabeth Weichel Moore Papers, 1929-2007

The autobiography of Elizabeth Weichel Moore arranged in five volumes describes her childhood and adolescence (#1.2v), wartime years at Radcliffe College (#1.3v), her career as a crystallographer (#2.1v), family life at Underhill  Center (Vt.) (#2.2v), and a trip to China in 1999 (#2.3v). Cocoanut Grove Fire, 1.3v: 4, 11.

The Bostonian Society

Cocoanut Grove File

Newspaper clippings, articles, personal recollections of the Cocoanut Grove Fire by Jack Deady, son of Philip Deady, Detective Lieutenent Inspector, Massachusetts State Police, photocopies of photos of the Cocoanut Grove Nightclub, inside and out, after the fire, photocopy of a menu from the Cocoanut Grove, photocopy of page from ledger book showing payments to the performers on the night of November 28th, 1942, photocopy of map showing location of Cocoanut Grive nightclub in the context of Boston, handwritten notes on the Cocoanut Grove Fire, first hand account of the fire by Charles B.P. Van Pelt, in correspondence to the Bostonian Society (11/27/2001) recollections of Juanita Kidd to TBS (9/4/2002), recollections of John D. Quinn (11/11/2002), numerous responses to a request that ran with an article in Yankee magazine for first-hand accounts from survivors of the fire, including correspondence with researchers, survivors and others who remember the fire, commerative photo from the Cocoanut Grove Melody Lounge, signed by Mickey Alpert