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P.S. 7/18/2012

posted Nov 14, 2012, 6:40 AM by Cocoanut Admin
In 1942 my aunt, Rosalind Racz, lived and worked in Cambridge. After the war she married my uncle, Seymour (Cy) Weatherbee who was on active duty in the army at that time. She wrote: 

Cy and I were visiting a friend of his in Milton and were on our way home to my apartment in Cambridge when we heard about the fire on the car radio. Because I was a Red Cross volunteer I had Cy drive me Red Cross headquarters in Cambridge and offered my services. I did some telephoning and then was no longer needed. Cy had to return to camp the following day. A real cloud of sorrow and horror hung over Boston in the suburbs for days.

P.S. 7/18/2012