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F.B. 7/23/2012

posted Nov 14, 2012, 7:29 AM by Cocoanut Admin
In the 1980's I was contracted by HBO to do a series of TV docu dramas based on Famous American Disasters. One of the them was the Coconut Grove Fire. Our docu drama was based on the facts but did invent 2 characters to make the drama more personal. Since there is very little docu footage of the fire we created almost all of the scenes with our actors. There is a short video of a young woman who was a victim and we did use stills from the Boston Globe archives. 

We created the exterior of the CG in Allston; we did the interior inside the Wonderland Ballroom in Revere. The medical scenes were done at Boston City Hospital (its name back then) in the actual rooms where the CG victims were taken after the disaster. It was not being used at the time and they allowed us in. We published a book based on the 5 docu dramas we did but it never really sold. I have a few copies and would be pleased to donate those along with a DVD of the docu drama to you.... if there is any interest in a docu drama. One other thing, we used Paul Bensaquin (sp??) a local radio personality who had written a book about the fire, as our "expert" We produced the architectural layout of the CG for the book. We believed it was the first time that had been done.

I have the original art work which I would be pleased to donate also.

F.B. 7/23/2012