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C.M. 11/14/2012

posted Nov 19, 2012, 10:53 AM by Cocoanut Admin

My mother was across the street from the Grove, on the Statler Roof where BC was holding a ""Consolation Dance"" after their football defeat.

She went to nine funerals the week after the fire.

She went to Regis College, and the Monday after the fire, a priest who taught them religion came in with banged fingers on his right hand. He had second- degree burns from anointing the dead outside the club, their flesh being that hot.

Also her good friend there, Polly Sharby of Keene NH, lost her father and brother there, and her mother who survived, never recovered mentally.

In 1982 when I was in school, I did a paper on the Grove fire, and have several detailed written interviews with survivors and others. I also have several AP original prints of morgue crowds. I'd glad to donate them.

C.M. 11/14/2012