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B.A. 11/19/2012

posted Nov 19, 2012, 10:54 AM by Cocoanut Admin   [ updated Nov 29, 2012, 1:36 PM ]

[Jesse Duncan Elliott Jr and Marion M. Elliott]

I am one of the 11 "children" who were orphaned on Nov. 28, 1942.  It has taken me 60-70 years to learn more about my family.  I was given an "assignment" by the Lord to write a biography about my parents.  All I had to go on was a scrapbook of my father's father.  I wrote what I was able to find out and published it, bound it, and passed it out to my children (who have never cracked the cover).  A bright friend of my husband asked if he could read it.  I was happy for him to do so.  After he finished it, he asked: "Do you know WHY your father was in Boston?" (I was living in San Antonio, TX).  I had to confess that I did not really know.  Our friend told me that my father had fought in the Naval Battle of Casablanca and his ship, the U.S.S. Tuscaloosa, had put in to Boston Harbor for repairs.  Even his NARA records did not have any mention of this.  I am 72 and was FLOORED by this information.....also, ticked off that it meant doing more research and probably writing a Vol. II :).  I began reading about the battle and found Samuel Eliot Morrison's "History of U.S. Naval Operations in WWII", a TWELVE volume history published in 1947!  Of course it was out of print, but the Lord led me to a used volume.  As I read about the battle, I suddenly was flooded with tears.  The RENOWNED naval historian Samuel Eliot Morrison quoted MY FATHER - a 27 year old "baby" naval aviator.  I was overcome that the Lord would allow me to find this rare book and to see my father's name in it!  I did contact NARA and get the "Action Reports" (which I had never heard of). My father was senior aviator (had no idea) so he authored/signed almost every daily report of the battle action.  When I received them, I felt as if I had been given a letter from my father after 70 years.  It was a tremendous blessing.

B.A. 11/19/2012