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Mission Statement
The Cocoanut Grove Coalition is a consortium of archives, historical societies, museums and others which facilitates access to archival documents, images, and artifacts relating to the Cocoanut Grove Fire of 1942. The Cocoanut Grove Coalition acts as a single point of access to a wide variety of collections and materials dealing with the Cocoanut Grove Fire. The main function of the Coalition is to create and maintain a website that acts as both an access portal for digitized materials and an index to materials and collections at various archives and special collections. In addition, the Coalition serves as a point of contact for individuals wishing to donate histories, documents, images, or artifacts to archival repositories and will on a regular basis actively outreach for material/content that may exist. The Coalition does not seek to interpret history, but to facilitate scholarly researchers and the general public in accessing primary source materials in their academic or personal investigations.

  • Create a master list/index of Cocoanut Grove primary source materials and their locations
  • Survey and appraise list for items appropriate for digitization
  • Digitize appropriate analog materials
  • Promote the interest of the coalition in finding existing Cocoanut Grove material/content.
  • Design, create, and launch a web portal by November 2012
  • Participate in appropriate anniversary recognition events/observances of the Cocoanut Grove fire
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